Miguel Palhas | @naps62

Software Developer | Elixir | Ruby | Rust | DevOps | Chess

Hi, I'm Miguel, or @naps62 on the web.

I work as a Software Developer at Subvisual. I also write, do some ocasional public speaking, and play chess.

A knowledge base with Vim, Fzf and Ripgrep

I've been trying to grow my own knowledge base for a long time now, by keeping track of multiple notes taken from books, quotes, and other sources of knowledge. Now, and after a few iterations, I'm moving that to a more Unix-oriented approach, which I'm p…

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Focused Writing in Vim

I've been working on getting an improved focus environment to write blog posts in. There's a lot of "Focus mode" features out there in pretty much every editor. But in Vim, I wanted to piece together a few different things, and also make some ad…

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Continuous Stuff with GitHub Actions

This post was originally posted on my company's blog. Feel free to check out the original Last year, I took on the task of improving the continuous process over at Utrust. We weren't really happy with the amount of work that went into our releases, and I …

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Typespecs and Behaviours in Elixir

Note: This post was originally written on AppSignal's Elixir Alchemy Blog Today2, we will dive into Typespecs and Behaviours. These are two Elixir features that we are ecstatic (pun intended) about. They are great examples of built-in features in Elixir t…

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Routing in Phoenix Umbrella Apps

Note: This post was originally written on AppSignal's Elixir Alchemy Blog Umbrella apps are an awesome way to structure Elixir projects. Behind the curtains, they are a very thin layer that just compiles everything to a single package. Instead of building…

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